AMS 4928 AMS 4965 AMS 4967 AMS 6930 AMS 6931 AMS 4911 ASTM F 1472 ASTM B265  AMS-T-9047 MIL/AMS-T-9046 AMS 4920 BMS 7-269

Titanium's unique combination of physical, mechanical and corrosion resistant properties makes it an ideal material for many different applications. Titanium's high strength to weight ratio makes titanium the prime choice for high strength, lightweight applications. Ti-6Al-4V Titanium, commonly referred to as 6Al-4V, is a 2-phase alpha-beta type Titanium alloy. It is a grade used primarily for wrought products, such as Round Bar, Flat Bar, Rolled Plate, and Forged Products. It is produced in multiple melts starting with a vacuum arc remelt (VAR), electron beam (EB), or plasma arc hearth melt (PAM). Remelting is done in one or two steps in a VAR furnace. In the annealed condition, its yield strength is 120 Ksi minimum. It is readily formed, and is weldable by using inert gas shielding. Spot, seam, flash and pressure welding are also used depending on the application. Its strength properties can be elevated by solution treatment and aging (STA). This grade has good elevated temperature strength, low temperature impact strength, and has good creep resistance. 6Al-4V Titanium shows good corrosion resistance to sea water and marine atmospheres, and in wet chlorine and chlorine dioxide. Machining is similar to that of Austenitic Stainless Steels, e.g. 304, 316. Slow speeds, heavy feeds, and non-chlorinated cutting fluid are typically used for most applications.

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