Inconel 718 

AMS 5662 AMS 5663 AMS 5596 ASTM B637 B50TF15

Nickel Alloy 718, frequently called Inconel® 718, is a precipitation hardenable corrosion and heat-resistant nickel alloy available in bars, forgings, sheets and plates. AMS 5662 and AMS 5663 limit sizes 10” and less between parallel sides with maximum cross-section area of 78 in2 for bars and finished forgings. It is a multiple melted alloy including VIM and/or VAR processes. The alloy has high strength and creep rupture properties up from cryogenic temperatures to 1300° F, along with corrosion resistance and weldability with resistance to cracking. Nickel Alloy 718 has good resistance to oxidation and corrosion at temperatures and atmospheres in jet engine and gas turbine operations. It is also corrosion resistant to acids, sea water and sour oil and/or gas.

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